Korean Pancakes – Pajun (Pajeon)

Korean pancakes! Inspired by this recipe.

My shredder worked wonders on the potatoes! I added red capsicum, which I attempted to shred and sent bits of red mush and capsicum chunks flying.


I made the batter a little thick to begin with. I added in extra flour having thought the batter looked to thin, especially given the amount of liquid produced by the veg.


The sauce was yum – intense and salty, but went very well with the pancakes and was needed.

I substituted poppy seeds for sesame (odd I know!) And had to use chilli powder instead of fresh or flaked chilli (having used the last of both the night before attempting to make a dog repellant – which failed by the way – turns out my dogs enjoy the taste of chilli…).


My first pancake was quite thick, so I added in more water for the rest. Took approximately 5-6 minutes each side on a medium to medium-high heat.

I sliced the pancakes up into wedges and served with a side salad of carrot, spring onion, bok choy, bean sprouts with a light drizzle of sesame oil and soy. The crunch of the salad went very well.

Sat outside on a warm and humid evening with a glass of bubbles and a fresh Korean feast.



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